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NEWS | 05.07.2019
Glad to finally be able to announce the release of "Yijoda" by Orphan after many delays! Consisting of nine tracks clocking in at just over 40 minutes, this album takes us on an unsettling yet beautiful journey through bleak and harsh aural landscapes. Press release to be found here, and a video for the track "Despair System" by Kevin Barthelemy can be viewed here.

NEWS | 15.04.2019
New release from Peter Coyte available! His second release for IMPEKA following 2017's "Crack & Murmur", "Now", features two binaural 15-minute compositions of field recordings taken in and around Hornsey Town Hall, North London, originally presented as a six speaker installation at Ply Gallery in Semptember 2016, re-mixed and edited for the cassette format between February and March 2019. Press release can be found here.

In loving memory of Paul Berry, who instigated the exhibition for which this installation was created.

NEWS | 21.01.2019
A very belated Happy New Year to all, and thank you for your continuing support!
Here are some excerpts from the Confluence: Whitstable performances as part of the Whitstable Biennale Satellite 2018, hope you enjoy.

...and here's summing up our releases from 2018, some physical copies nearly sold out!

NEWS | 12.10.2018
To celebrate the 6th annual Cassette Store Day 13.10.2018 we will be selling all past IMPEKA tapes for £2 each up until the end of the weekend (midnight Sunday 14.10.2018) so have a look and listen at our BandCamp page - some are already nearly gone. Also we are now taking pre-orders for PiK's new cassette "Soon Ago" - we are expecting to be able to ship these out w/c Monday 22.10.2018. Highly recommended! Press release can be found here.

NEWS | 01.08.2018
We are happy to announce the immediate availability of "Momentary Masters Of A Fraction Of A Dot" by Jonas Gustafsson and Simon Underwood, a double CD containing just over an hour and a half of electroacoustic noise, disintegrating tape loops, broken instruments and hacked electronics. Recorded in Deptford in 2017, the pieces on these discs began life as fragmented scores, improvisations and experiments, and over time grew into a coherent whole. The album is limited to 55 hand-numbered copies, and includes an insert sheet and a download ticket. We are selling these for £13+p&p, e-mail info [at] impeka [dot] org or visit BandCamp for more information. Press release can be found here [.pdf].

NEWS | 12.06.2018
Many thanks to all who attended Confluence: Whitstable, and to all staff at St Alphege Church, Whitstable Biennale and Whitstable Biennale Satellite! Special thanks, of course, to Peter Coyte and Thomas Gardner who delivered a series of enthralling performances.
An Automatic Writing Circle project is in the works - more details to be announced shortly...
In the mean time - Peter's fantastic "Crack & Murmur" tape is still available!

The Long Meg & Her Daughters tape recently co-released with Obsolete Future is one of this month's [issue #413] picks for The Wire Magazine's Office Ambience. We have a few copies of the cassette left.

[!CS008] Automatic Writing Circle [C60]
[!CS009] Poulomi Desai / Jonas Gustafsson [SPLIT C60]

Confluence: Whitstable | Peter Coyte / Thomas Gardner / Jonas Gustafsson | 10.06.2018
the first in a series of events exploring the act of listening as a way of engaging with landscape and environment. individual and collaborative projects based on field recordings from Medway and North Kent presented through a 4.1 sound system, followed by a discussion and Q&A with the artists. presented as part of the Whitstable Biennale Satellite programme.

PiK // RUWINS | Cassette Launch Event @ DIYSPACEFORLONDON | 11.06.2017
live performances and DJ sets from two Southeast London based acts at the DIYSPACEFORLONDON complex in Bermondsey to celebrate the release of their split cassette "I'm Not Dead Yet // Rounds" [C60]. electro, techno and ambient on the menu!

[!CS007] Orphan "Yijoda" [C40] | £5+p&p
disorienting beats, processed voice samples and haunting synths from Dulwich, with a Tyneside twist.

[!CS006] Peter Coyte "Now" [C32] | £5+p&p
binaural mix of a sound installation of field recordings from Hornsey Town Hall originally presented at Ply Gallery in 2016.

[!CS005] PiK "Soon Ago" [C30] | £5+p&p
abstract electronica and found sounds from the murky depths of Charlton.

[!CD002] Jonas Gustafsson & Simon Underwood "Momentary Masters Of A Fraction Of A Dot" [2xCD] | £13+p&p
duo improvisations, prepared instruments, electroacoustics & hacked electronics.

[!CD001] Serendip "The Tale" [CD] | £10+p&p
jazz project led by Arnaud Guichard, inspired by the ancient Persian tale “The Three Princes of Serendip” by Amir Khusrau.

[!CS004] Long Meg & Her Daughters "S/T" [C30] | £6+p&p
collaboration between Aisha Burns, Thor Harris, Jonas Gustafsson and Conor Walker.