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As a result of the current health crisis, our planned projects for early 2020 and beyond have been delayed. No dates are set in stone, but below are extracts from three upcoming releases from Jake Wittlin, Jonas Gustafsson and Automatic Writing Circle.


A very belated Happy New Year! Our new website is now up and running. After a relatively quiet 2019, this year we are expecting to present several new releases, including a long-awaited cassette from Automatic Writing Circle, as well as works from Poulomi Desai and Jonas Gustafsson. First out, however, will be a cassette and digital download of «Two Feedback Compositions» by Bristol-based turntablist Jake Wittlin. This release presents two lengthy pieces composed using a traditional DJ arrangement of turntable, mixer and sampler - with the only sound source used (as the title might imply) being a feedback loop created by this set-up. The original composition was produced for - and broadcast on - Resonance Extra (the online platform for London-based art-radio station ResonanceFM) in May 2016; the accompanying piece was composed specifically for this cassette release, using the same set-up and methodology, in the early months of 2020. We expect this to be ready sometime early April - more information soon.

ORPHAN «YIJODA» 05.07.19

We are very proud to finally announce the release of «Yijoda» by South East London producer Orphan. Consisting of nine tracks clocking in at just over 40 minutes, this album takes us on an unsettling yet beautiful journey through bleak and harsh aural landscapes. A rave party backwards, with a Tyneside twist. Press release to be found here. See below for a video by Kevin Barthélemy for the track «Despair System».

PETER COYTE «NOW» 15.04.19
Lovely new release from Peter Coyte, his second for Impeka following 2017's excellent «Crack & Murmur», and part of an on-going series issuing his sound installation work on cassette. «Now» consists of two binaural compositions of field recordings taken in and around Hornsey Town Hall, North London, which were originally presented as a six speaker installation at the (sadly) now-defunct Ply Gallery in Semptember 2016. The installation pieces were re-mixed and edited for the cassette format between February and March 2019. A press release can be found here.
This release is dedicated to the loving memory of Paul Berry.

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Our limited runs of physical releases are accompanied by high-quality downloads, and are available to purchase via BandCamp. Click the images below for more information about - and samples from - each release.



C40 | released 05.07.2019 | £5+P&P

Disorienting rhythms, processed voice samples, tape hiss and distorted rave sirens from South East London producer Orphan.

Peter Coyte

C32 | released 15.04.2019 | £5+P&P

Binaural mixes of a six speaker installation of field recordings taken in and around Hornsey Town Hall, North London, originally presented at Ply Gallery.

«Soon Ago»

C30 | released 30.10.2018 | £5+P&P

Sketched out beats, warm blasts of sub-bass and manipulated found sounds from South East London's PiK.

Jonas Gustafsson & Simon Underwood
«Momentary Masters Of A Fraction Of A Dot»

2xCD | released 01.08.2018 | £15+P&P

Hacked electronics, broken instruments, tape loops and improvisations recorded in Deptford, South East London.

«The Tale»

CD | released 17.05.2018 | £10+P&P LAST COPIES

Acclaimed debut from jazz quartet led by Belgian tenor saxophonist Arnaud Guichard, based on the ancient Persian tale «The Three Princes of Serendip» by Amir Khusrau.

Long Meg & Her Daughters
«Long Meg & Her Daughters»

C30 | released 11.05.2018 | £5+P&P LAST COPIES

Improvisations on violin, dulcimer, duduk and electronics. Collaboration between Aisha Burns, Jonas Gustafsson, Thor Harris and Conor Walker.

Conspirators of Pleasure
«The Usurp Tapes, Vol. I: Species in Spaces»

C60 | released 01.09.2017 | £6+P&P

Sonic interventions and live improvisations recorded during a micro-residency at USURP ART, Harrow, North London, by Poulomi Desai and Simon Underwood.

«I'm Not Dead Yet / Rounds»

SPLIT C60 | released 11.06.2017 | £6+P&P

Split between two South East London acts. Ambient electronica and glitch from PiK, whilst RUWINS present analogue techno recorded straight onto tape.

Peter Coyte
«Crack & Murmur»

C60 | released 01.06.2017 | £6+P&P LAST COPIES

Field recordings from Tankerton, Seasalter and Whitstable, originally presented as a six speaker installation as part of the 2016 Whitstable Biennale Satellite programme.

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Impeka is an imprint dedicated to presenting and promoting experimental auditory works, particularly field-recordings, electro-acoustics, and improvised music. We exist to provide a platform for sonic experimentation and collaboration.


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We are happy to receive feedback, suggestions and correspondence in general, and are always open for new opportunities to collaborate. The works presented and released by Impeka are conceived and created in co-operation with friends and artists in close geographic proximity, but demo submissions from further afield are accepted and appreciated.